Help your kids KNOW and LOVE God - for a lifetime!

Your children will learn (and more importantly remember) more about God and the Bible than most Christian adults will ever master in their lifetime! And they will love doing it!

It's a favorite! Hundreds of thousand of kids AGREE!

Parents and grandparents desiring to pass on their faith to their children and grandkids have found a way to do that with the Singing Bible. The lyrics and melodies echo in their minds and hearts long after the music has stopped and guide and equip them through life!

It's screen-free!

Trusted and entertaining content that will occupy your kids for hours without more screen time! When you play the Singing Bible your kids will be engaged and listen. Set them up with a quiet activity like coloring, and let the healthy, enjoyable, active learning begin.

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Dialogue and Song

Joseph's Dream

Books of the Bible

"We are the only ones who sell The Original Singing Bible. You cannot get this OFFER anywhere else."

About Rick Osborne...

Best-selling author and speaker Rick Osborne focuses on transformation through discipleship online, in the church and at home. The books Rick has written and co-authored have sold over ten million copies worldwide.

These include Focus on The Family's Guide to The Spiritual Development of Children, the Experiencing God at Home Devotional, and two Five Love Languages for Kids books.

Rick co-wrote and led the team that produced "The Most Important Story", which has had over a hundred million copies distributed worldwide in over 120 different languages and dialects.

Rick was the Executive Producer, Creative Director, Co-Writer, and Team Leader in the creation and production of The Singing Bible.

What Others Have Said...

Our Kids Love It!

This is a great survey of the Bible. The songs are well done and have a lot of variety in musical styles. Our 2 children enjoy the music – it is one of their favorites. I like that the series is not only well-done musically, but also does a great job describing who God is, what He is like, and how He interacts with His people. A great Bible overview and fun too! Donna Child - Parent.

Homeschool Tool!

Homeschool Tool Loved by 5 Year Old. At the recommendation of a home school curriculum I bought this CD set for my 5 year old son. He absolutely loves it!!! He chooses to listen to it when we run errands and when we go on long vacations. I love the way the CD introduces my son to the whole Bible. He loves the songs and sings them all the time.
A. Morris (Indiana USA)

What is The Singing Bible?

The Singing Bible is the Ultimate Bible Storybook turned into a Professionally Produced Musical for kids.

Over 3 hours of wonderful dialogue and 51 original—now classic—songs that all work together to bring the Bible to life.

It's full of fun, catchy music, wonderful sound effects, memorable lyrics, tongue twisters, lots of humor, and a cast of warm characters that kids will love.

The Singing Bible uses many different timeless musical styles such as; American Folk, Ballad, Banjo, Choir, Contemporary, Classical, Fifties Rock, German Folk, Irish Folk, Jazz, Pop, Praise, Seven Bar Blues and more! Because of the variety of styles, the music always feels fresh and fun!

What does The Singing Bible Teach?

Just by listening and singing along, kids learn and memorize Bible highlights like the 66 books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, the Twelve Disciples, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer,
The Fruit of the Spirit, The Love Chapter and much more!

They’ll also learn the BIG story of the Bible, what the Bible is, what it says about their lives, the basics of the Christian Faith, and God’s Salvation Plan.

How does The Singing Bible Teach?

The Singing Bible was uniquely designed to help your children learn in three powerful and proven ways:

1. Through Music: Music greatly enhances a child’s ability to learn, memorize and retain.

2. Through Layered Learning: The Singing Bible gives children an overview of the Bible. Everything they learn afterwards is easily added to that foundation.

3. Through Example: Children learn from other children. Your kids will hear the kids cast of The Singing Bible (ages of 3 to 14) learn about the Bible and how to live their Faith.

The Singing Bible was purposely designed to be the ultimate Bible Teaching resource for kids!

What You Get...

Digital Download Only

  • Digital Download of the entire professionally-produced Singing Bible, the Old and New Testaments,
  • 51 Original Songs linked together with fun and engaging dialogue,
  • Over 3 Hours of Wholesome, Bible-based Entertainment for your family,
  • The Best Basic Bible Training For Kids,
  • Bible Memory Songs: The Books of the Bible, The Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, The Twelve Disciples, The Beatitudes, The Lord’s Prayer, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Love Chapter and much more!
  • Endless Hours of Screen-Free, Quiet-Time for your kids.

(A $39.95 Value!)

You Also Get...

Hours of learning and enjoyment fill the pages of this coloring book, complete with lyrics. Singing and coloring along with the music reinforces the Scriptures and stories taught in each song.
A Must Have!

The Singing BIBLE
Lyrics & Coloring Book

  • Lyrics to all 51 Classic Songs: You kids can sing along, learn, and memorize the bible.
  • Easy to Color Pictures for Every Song: Simply print the Lyric and Coloring Book out, and set you kids up to color while they learn.
  • Endless Coloring: You have the e-book, print as many as you need.
  • Endless Peace: Hours of Quiet, Positive, Faith-Building, Active learning.
  • Time For You: When you need productive time, you have the right tools to keep the kids active.

(A $14.95 Value!)

You Also Get...

Full of encouragement and creative suggestions for teaching. This workbook gives you the tools to hold your children's attention: Bible stories, Bible trivia, memory verses, games, refrigerator reminders, and many other useful resources.

Teach your children about God in the most natural and easy to understand way. The book, "Your Child and the Bible" shows you how. This delightful, user-friendly activity e-book covers the following topics about the Bible:

  • What it is
  • What it teaches
  • Where it came from
  • How it is put together
  • How to choose a Bible
  • How to read it
  • How to memorize it
  • How to Live it
  • And So Much, More...

(A $9.95 Value!)

  • Singing Bible Download:

$ 39.95 Value

  • Singing Bible Lyric and Coloring Book:

$ 14.95 Value

  • Your Child and The Bible eBook:

$ 9.95 Value

Total Value $65.85

Buy Today For Just $29.97!

"We are the only ones who sell The Original Singing Bible.
You cannot get this OFFER anywhere else."


If, for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money!
Risk FREE and your kids will be ETERNALLY grateful!

What Others Have Said...

A Sublime Teaching Tool!

A Sublime Teaching Tool! This is the best collection of bible stories for youngsters that I’ve encountered thus far. It would be a fabulous show for any talented church group to perform on stage. The narration and storytelling are top-notch. The characters are played by adults and children alike. The songs are always a great compliment to the story and again are performed by both adults and children. It has a diverse genre of music to be enjoyed by all ages. Both my five-year-old and I love it! The music is professional and of Broadway caliber. Enjoy while you learn!!! - A Singing Bible Fan.

Best Bible Teacher for Children!

The BEST Bible teacher for children!! I am amazed at this series. My daughter has listened to it since she was born and she continues to ask for it 95% of the time we are driving in the car. It never gets old because all of the stories are true and accurately presented. Not only is the presentation fun and entertaining but it is amazingly accurate to the Bible in a concise way that children can grasp. It gives the listener a fabulous knowledge of the chronological events in the Bible since it follows the books of the Bible in order. This series uses a variety of music types and the adults and children singing have close to perfect pitch and excellent vocal ability, which is a plus when training a young ear. This is the absolute best Bible music I have heard for young ones and I’ve purchased many that are on the market.
G. Stone

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