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The 7 Mistakes Parents of Toddlers Make


Christian parents don’t usually make mistakes because they want to or because they just can’t control themselves. They make them mostly because they don’t know that they are mistakes. The seven mistakes that most parents of toddlers make are made because the parents involved have come to believe something that is either a little off or downright wrong according to God’s pattern. So, if things need to improve in your household, chances are some of your thoughts on parenting need to be adjusted.

With each of these ‘Seven Mistakes’ I’m going to identify the incorrect thought or ‘Accepted Thought’ and then talk about how it leads to the parenting mistake. Then, I’ll show you what the Bible says about the misconception and hopefully— if you need it—help you change the way you think. Finally, I’ll give you some simple, practical step-by-step advice on how to turn the mistake around and do it right.

The fact that you’re reading this shows that you are a good parent who wants to get better. So you may already understand part or most of the material that we’ll be covering. However, read through this book carefully because if you change the way you think—and consequently the way you parent—in even just two out of these seven areas, you’ll notice a big change in your family.
Please remember as you continue reading that although this book is aimed at the parents of toddlers, I will also be talking about parenting children from birth through to school age.